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RRRA News Update September 2023

RRRA News Update September 2023 Hello again Ramsgate Residents As we welcome the rain,…

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Conservancy AGM



There is a perception that the Ramsgate Conservancy is the green belt of land found behind some of the properties in Ramsgate. This is not true on many levels.

In fact, the Ramsgate Conservancy is an NGO (Non-Government Organization), established in 2006 as a voluntary, co-operative, environmental management team that promotes the stewardship of our natural resources at a community level. Since inception, the Ramsgate Conservancy have work tirelessly to protect and improve Ramsgate’s unique eco environment, be it from water quality to waste minimisation to developing ecological corridors,

The Ramsgate Conservancy has a mission to preserve and enhance the natural environment. This includes of a number of Ramsgate ecological gems, including our famous coastline, its dunes, the riverine forests, the lagoons and grasslands.
It was the Ramsgate Conservancy that rescued the current Whale Deck site from commercial development and then raised funds for the building of the Whale Deck, the Education Centre and partnered with Ramsgate Tourism to build the Eco-Tourism Centre.

The Conservancy too, worked together with the Ramsgate Residents and Ratepayers Association to produce the much loved Ramsgate Ramble.

This mission to preserve the natural beauty of Ramsgate led to a number of projects, including the monitoring and testing of our rivers and estuaries, the establishment of an alien plant removal project, a public park rehabilitation project, the establishment of the Ramsgate Recycling Centre, the Mvutshini Waste Water Treatment monitoring program and proving direct representation on the Oatlands Landfill Site Monitoring Committee.

Ramsgate Conservancy have also hosted numerous walks and have been hands on in a number of educational opportunities.

Sadly, like many NGO’s world-wide, the Ramsgate Conservancy has not received much public and government support, especially in the past few years. This, combined with the loss of some key figures in our community has led to a number of these projects being “put on ice” for the time being.

Ongoing projects

The Ramsgate Whale Deck, Education Centre and Eco Tourism Centre

One of Ramsgate’s top tourism assets is the Ramsgate Whale Deck. The Whale Deck provides pristine views of Ramsgate Beach and the ocean beyond and is “must see” spot for anyone residing or visiting the area.
The facilities, especially the Whale Deck, require regular maintenance. This is both costly and time consuming. These costs are covered by the Conservancy, without any municipal or government assistance.
The Ramsgate Moondeckers at the Ramsgate Whale Deck.
There is no better location to watch the rising of the full moon over the ocean than that of the Ramsgate Whale Deck.
As such, the Ramsgate Conservancy opens up the deck once a month and hosts the Ramsgate Moondeckers, where for a small fee, one can enjoy a relaxing evening while appreciating the stunning spectacle.
The Moondeckers has become a firm favorite and is much loved by many. Those interested in attending can contact Carla (082 6776792) via WhatsApp for further information.
Oatlands Waste Land Fill Site.
Paddy Norman, who sits on the Ramsgate Conservancy committee, Chairs the Monitoring Committee. Areas of concern, which have had the potential to have a major environmental impact, have historically been brought to the Conservancy’s attention and, together with the local Ward Councilor, solutions sourced and implemented. This continues to this day.

How can you help?

First, become a member. An individual annual subscription costs just R100 (which is a little more than only R8 a month). The Conservancy also has a family membership plan for R150 per annum. These funds go directly toward the efforts to keep the Ramsgate Conservancy afloat. 

Second, get involved. Be it simply by participating in a beach clean-up, or be it by providing insight in your personal area of expertise, the Conservancy needs you.

Finally, spread the word. The Conservancy needs support. Both financial (specifically for the upkeep of its public facilities) and practically.

The Conservancy has a relatively short but impressive history. However, without community support it will struggle to continue to be an asset to the beautiful village of Ramsgate.

The Whale Deck
The Whale Deck
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Moon Deckers
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