RRRA News Update 31 March 2023

The Chair John Murray and Vice Chair Mvumi Tsewu have both resigned from RRRA, John to pursue other interests and Mvumi to further her career in the big city. We wish both success in their new ventures and thank them for their valuable contributions.

Contrary to the rumour mill, the RRRA is not dead and dysfunctional, I have offered to “caretake” until the AGM on the 13th April 2023 and hope to be involved afterwards to ensure continuity of the good work being carried out. Pleas note the temporary email address proceeding the AGM is enq.rrra@gmail.com

Here are some of the projects and jobs thatm  we are busy with:- Cleaning and maintenance by garden services, of the Ramsgate Ramble with oversight by Suzette De Jager (Continuous)

Repainting of the ablution block on Ramsgate Main Beach with assistance from Tidy Towns with a standby water tank etc. Suzette de Jager and Tidy Towns. (Complete)

Rebuilding the 2 static braais on Ramsgate Main Beach with new bricks and braai grids. Andrew Loggenberg (1st complete, 2nd WIP)

Complete refurbishment of the ablution block at Big Tree Beach, a JV between RRRA and Ray Nkonyeni Municipality. This project has been on the agenda for 4 years, but the Municipality has contributed R30k and we have been able to kickstart it and currently is about 60% complete. The contractor has donated a lot of time and energy and various suppliers have been very kind in donating services and materials. First prize will be to have the project complete for Easter. We will be issuing a separate report on this project and will list the names of the individuals and companies contributing to this one and the other work too.

We have also been given a standby water tank for Big Tree and although not part of the main project would like to install and commission the tank, as having water for the ablution block when the mains water is off would be priceless. Unfortunately, this is outside of our tight budget and there are insufficient funds to do the job. We need about R12k to complete the work and appeal to any kind donor who can assist us to get in touch. Steve Thomas and Andrew Loggenberg are the project managers and would be willing to meet any interested person on site and show them the scope of work.

We have set up a temporary email address, enq.rrra@gmail.com which will be closed after the AGM and ask that you mail queries, comments, offers of help etc. Please ignore the contact details below.

A separate notice will follow giving details and explanatory notes for the AGM.

Regards Bob Black (Caretaker)


Thursday 13th April 2023 Lions Hall Ramsgate 5-00pm >