At Ramsgate Butterfly Valley, we specialize in South African butterflies. Unlike most other butterfly farms which import pupae, we breed most of our own butterflies and are therefore able to present the entire life-cycle of these amazing creatures to the public. For a fun and educational outing for the entire family, come and spend a relaxing few hours with us in our Valley of Butterflies.

In our breeding center we present an informative video on the life-cycle of butterflies. We also expand into interesting facts about these amazing creatures. the video is optional but should not be missed.

For parents with young children, a walk-through tour is available. Unlike most other butterfly farms which purchase butterflies already in the pupa stage, we work entirely with indigenous butterflies and visitors are therefore able to witness the complete life-cycle of these miraculous creatures. If you are lucky enough, you may witness a butterfly emerging from its pupa and pumping fluid through its wings to expand them. The process takes about fifteen to twenty minutes after which, the butterfly will hang upside down for an hour or two for its wings to dry. Truly a remarkable sight to see.

In our flight dome guests are free to walk around at their leisure and enjoy having butterflies fly around them. Butterflies are quick to sense the security that the enclosed area provides for them and are generally far more calm and relaxed than wild butterflies. This allows for excellent photo opportunities so please don't forget your camera.The flight dome enables us to provide the right type of plants for each butterfly species.

As you will learn on our life-cycle tour, each different species of butterfly has specific plant requirements for its larval or caterpillar stage. These plants are referred to as host plants and range from common weeds to extremely rare trees.

Entrance fees are as follows:-

Adults       R80.00 (ages 18+)

Scholars    R60 (ages 11-17)

Children    R40.00 (ages 3-10)

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