RRRA News Update September 2023

Hello again Ramsgate Residents

As we welcome the rain, we are happy to share a great collaboration happening in Ramsgate.   A while ago the NGO’s working for Ramsgate had a “meet and greet” gathering, followed by a round table meeting last week.  The aim of the meeting was to get feedback from each of the teams to effectively work together on projects and encourage and assist each other wherever possible.   It was fantastic!   Great to gather likeminded people with the good of Ramsgate at heart.  

This is a high level overview of the topics discussed.  There will lots more detail coming through in the next month or two.   

  • Ratepayers : 
    • Local Government – feedback was given on the monthly HoD meetings with 2-4 representatives from the ratepayers attending.   While the RRRA can’t influence RNM decisions, we can put Ramsgate concerns on the agenda and follow up on RNM work.   
    • Projects – great work is being done by our members on the ground, with help from generous and willing businesses and residents.   Amongst them is the ongoing maintenance of the beach ramble, where the results of the hard work keeping the ramble clear and clean can be enjoyed by all; maintenance of the 6 water tanks and assisting with new tanks where possible; as well as many other ongoing projects.  
    • Marketing and communications – the team have been working on the branding and design to offer Ramsgate a clear and cohesive vision for Ramsgate.  
    • Beach events – This year’s New Year’s Eve party was discussed.  The event organiser’s team learnt a lot of lessons from last year’s event and their aim is to make year’s event even better, confirming that there are no fireworks within the event zone. 
    • Fireworks – with fireworks being a concern of ratepayers, a suggestion was made to compromise and limit fireworks to a 15-minute period on the main beach only.   There were two concerns with this. Firstly, we need to investigate the actual legalities of public fireworks displays, and secondly should there be a fire, can the fire department cope considering the water situation.  RRRA is aware that some private citizens set off fireworks on the beach at new year, and will endeavour to engage with them to consider these concerns and find a compromise if possible. 
    • Parking is another issue that was discussed with SAPS, the CPF and Security companies.
    • Future beach events and ideas were discussed with the events organiser which are all in keeping with the ethos for Ramsgate. 
    • A photo booth on the main beach was discussed and is in progress.
  • Community Policing Forum:
    • Incredible work is being done by the CPF with many worthwhile projects on the go.   The CPF are committed to keeping Ramsgate safe and secure for both tourists and residents.    The CPF also had meetings with SAPS and other relevant parties regarding the New Year’s Eve party and were confident with the efficient planning by the events organiser this year.  
  • Tidy Towns:
    • With their own bank account and thanks to the support of generous sponsors, Tidy Towns has several projects planned.  They are currently assisting with the thatch umbrellas on the beach and clearing illegally dumped rubbish.
    • It was noted that recycling had started in Ramsgate again, with the designated collection point at the Lions club. 
  • Conservancy:
    • There is a team looking into the dune rehabilitation, as this is a major concern for the Conservancy team.
    • Once the R602 plans for Ramsgate have been finalised, they also have some creative ideas for transformation of the dump site in the main street.
    • The fence around the whale deck area is being considered with a reminder that the whale deck is an incredible community facility, which the Conservancy needs support to manage. 
  • Lions:
    • Thanks to the Lions Club for hosting a great community event on Arbor Day.  The RRRA donated a “tree of the year” Buddleja Saligna (Olive Sagewood) which had been planted.  (Thanks Conservancy for the information)
    • With international beach clean-up day being 16 September, the Lions suggested arranging a beach clean up in the near future – the date still to be decided upon. 
  • Tourism:
    • Tourism advised that the information office would soon be open with interns starting as part of the mandate from SC Tourism.  
    • It was agreed by all that the Ramble is a highlight of Ramsgate and tourism was working hard to promote our village. 
  • RUDP
    • This was discussed, with confirmation of the allocation of funds, and the assurance of the ongoing benefit to the community of Ramsgate.  
  • General:
    • Dumping was highlighted as a problem in Ramsgate with some key sites noted (this would then be reported to RMN, with suggestions on how to resolve from all parties.
    • Ramsgate by-laws were discussed, and how best to use them to maintain order and safety in Ramsgate.  
    • The painting of the wall coming into Ramsgate was mentioned as well as the Ramsgate sign at the beach parking, with thanks to the member of the public who has facilitated the work.

The meeting ended with the agreement to get together on a regular basis and again, to work together as much as possible for the greater good of Ramsgate.   

Thanks also to ALL those (and you know who you are) who go out of their way to help – your ongoing support is appreciated.


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