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30th November 2022

We are all welcoming summer, the upcoming holiday season as well as the holiday makers that come with it. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world and all efforts from organisations, businesses and residents to improve our town are much appreciated.

Below follows a report back from each of your Ramsgate community bodies all working towards making Ramsgate what we know it should be. The perfect place to live, holiday, retire to and invest. A big thank-you to everyone working to make this a reality.


Ramsgate Urban Development Precinct NPC (RUDP) Report

The RUDP held its 5th AGM in October, where the budget for 2022-2023 was presented. The UIP levy of R65 /m paid by all property owners is received by the RUDP and dispersed mainly to Ramsgate Community Policing Forum (R125,000/m) and any other projects which require funding to uplift and maintain the town we live in. So far this financial year the RUDP has funded the replacement of the safety railings at the Whale Deck.

The Board consists of 2 members from each NGO – namely Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association, the RCPF and Conservancy and 2 independent Directors.

We have been operating without a Treasurer/Secretary for the past 2 years and appeal to anyone that is available to please volunteer their services.

Finally the Board wishes all the Ramsgate residents a safe, healthy and peaceful festive period.

Ramsgate CPF Update

The RCPF held its 21st Annual General Meeting at the Lions Club on 19 October 2022.  The meeting was well attended and we thank all the residents who made time to attend the meeting.

The committee consists of the following members:

Derek Walton                    Chairman
Russel Wright                     Vice Chairman
Jenny Brewis                      Treasurer
Tarryn Elliott                       Secretary
Stef Francesconi               Member
Philip Le Roux                    Member
Alister Edwardes              Member
Steve Thomas                    Member
Insp R Mvundla                 Law Enforcement
Capt R Marais                    SAPS

The continual upgrading of the RCPF’s internal operating system and staff training has proven hugely advantageous in the detecting of and reacting on suspicious activities by the RCPF with the assistance of Wolf and the SAPS Reservists.

The staff in the control room process approximately 100 000 camera images per month from the strategically placed cameras within the area. The new unique software program introduced to operate the RCPF’s system captures all incidents reported, and according to the records a total of 589 cases have been reported over the past four months and reacted upon by the RCPF.

Crime statistics from the SAPS for the period January 2021 to December 2021 compared to the current period January 2022 to September 2022 showed an overall decline in crime.  However, residents are reminded that despite the best efforts of the RCPF, crime cannot be prevented, policed, or patrolled under all circumstances.  It remains the primary responsibility of every member of this community to implement their own safety and security measures at home and to be vigilant.  The installation (and regular checking) of a proper alarm system, linked to a security company, remains the best possible way of protecting your property.

Ramsgate residents and business owners are encouraged, especially now with the festive season looming, to register themselves on the database by utilising the following link: https://rcpfadmin.co.za/register.php. Members who have already registered are requested to upload a copy of a utility bill to confirm proof of address once prompted to do so by the online registration system. Your registration will go a long way toward assisting the RCPFs in our reaction time when receiving an emergency call and by verifying the identity of our residents.  It will also assist us in our efforts to identify where illegal activities may be operated from.

The use of the WhatsApp Groups (according to sector divisions) has become an effective tool and source of communication, as vigilant members continue to assist the RCPF with information on emergencies, suspicious activities and to report individuals who are seen breaking the law.

The committee would like to thank the Ramsgate community for their continued support and for their unwavering donations, without which, this organisation will not be able to continue its important task.  Thank you also to all the service providers and business owners who continue to support the RCPF.  Your contributions to us are highly valued and appreciated.

We wish all community members a blessed festive season and a happy New Year.

The committee and Staff at the Ramsgate CPF.


Ramsgate Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (RRRA) Report

Ramsgate Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (RRRA) continue to serve the community in a range of roles. RRRA provide a wide range of services to the residents of Ramsgate such as:

We maintain the Ramsgate Ramble and its access walkways and ramps.

We are currently commencing a refurbishment of the ablution block at Big Tree Beach in association with RNM. The project was badly delayed in that due to Covid it took nearly two years to get the part payment received from RNM and then the security gates that we sent for re galvanising finished up under water in a flooded factory in the Durban flooding! After they were retrieved, they were found to be beyond repair and one of the RRRA Members has had new heavy-duty gates made at his own expense! We are grateful to Hennie Snyman of Floscan for installing the gates. Building Contractors are currently submitting quotations for the work. Because of the delays since the original quotations obtained about three years ago there has been high inflation and our budget will be severely stretched, any assistance with materials sponsorship or donations will be highly appreciated and reflected on the signage.

Beach access signage has been replaced in several areas.

RRRA maintains 6 static tanks for water supply during periods when UGU fails to supply mains water.

RRRA is in constant liaison with the Management of the Sewage reticulation system and treatment plant.

RRRA sit on the Oatlands Monitoring Committee and also put a lot of work into a proposed supervised, secured and enclosed Recycling Way-Station, but this project had to be abandoned after 6 months of trying to obtain approval for siting it.

RRRA are involved in assisting with Rating Appeals, Planning Permission problems and illegal development.

RRRA is a very small group of less than 10 volunteers and it does what it can with the scant funds available. An annual appeal is made to all ratepayers and a few respond, we would ask that all ratepayers respond if at all possible. Every year there are more requests for our assistance from less Members and less income.

Please attend the AGM which will be being arranged very soon.

Ramsgate Conservancy

Ramsgate Conservancy, the name says it all. Many moons ago a couple of residents came together and formed Ramsgate Conservancy NGO. They got funding to build a deck as well as a structure on top of the hill in Ramsgate, overlooking Ramsgate main beach. This later then became the place for the monthly Moondeckers where residents from all over the South Coast and visitors on holiday come together and have a lekker chatter enjoying the full moon. This is also a way for Ramsgate Conservancy (RC) to raise much needed funds, to maintain the deck, gardens and all the other paths and buildings.

Recently, RC and Ramsgate Tourism started to have a monthly market on top of the hill, where lovely goods can be bought while listening to music, enjoying your picnic basket. 

Ramsgate Conservancy is there for the community to assist them in matters concerning fauna and flora. There is also a dedicated WhatsApp group, SNAP Ramsgate, where members interact with each other in identifying plant species or even alien invaders.

The focus of RC at the moment is to rehabilitate the dune, apart from funds needed for this, it is a major problem that has to be done, to ensure the stability of the dune. The Southern walkway has sadly collapsed and the urgent need is there to stop further deterioration of the dune.

If you would like to become a “Tree hugger” (Member of Conservancy) or join the Community to assist Ramsgate Conservancy to grow even more, please email your information to conservancyramsgate@gmail.com, your help will always be valued.

Ramsgate Tourism 

Ramsgate Tourism is an unfunded sub committee of South Coast Tourism and Investment Enterprise, and is run by various volunteers in Ramsgate. Our primary function is to market Ramsgate as an attractive tourist destination. 

Exciting news! The Ramsgate Tourism office will be open over peak holiday season, this is the only tourism office on the whole of South Coast KZN where visitors can get information and recommendations. The office is situated on the Conservancy land next to the BP garage. If your business would like to get involved please contact Cailyn 0659976702 or email cailyn@aloesabranding.co.za. A big thank you to South Coast Tourism and Investment Enterprise for supplying an intern to assist managing the office.

We have rebuilt and manage www.ramsgate.co.za and  should have a fresh facelift completed in time for the holiday season. Please contact us if you are interested in a free listing for your business. 

We have an active facebook page and instagram account, follow us for awesome Ramsgate content. Tag us for a share or repost, our handle is @ramsgatekzn.

The Whale Deck Picnic held every first Sunday of the month is an exciting new initiative from Ramsgate Conservancy. Come join us and enjoy some Blues music in the forest overlooking the ocean on the 4th Dec from 9:00 till 14:00  All you need to bring is your picnic blanket. R20 entrance fee, children under 12 enter free.

At the end of August this year we had the Ramsgate business social evening, which was well supported with over 50 attendees, a big thank you to everyone who came and to those who represented the NGOs and organisations. This was a great way to get everyone together, to get to know each other and to work together to solve issues in our community. We look forward to the next one which will be arranged after the festive season.


Wishing you all a blessed holiday season, Christmas and New Year.


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